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Wire Mesh Screen Selection Guide

Wire mesh is available in copper, brass, bronze, and stainless steel. Additional meshes are available in galvanized wire mesh, including hardware cloth, micronic filter cloth, and special welded stainless steel screen. Many mesh sizes and wire diameters are displayed using our patented wire mesh navigation system.

Hardware cloth, for example, is displayed in clear photos using a model's hand, and a metric and English ruler to clearly illustrate the wire meshes' visual characteristics. This wire mesh internet navagation system is patented. Very fine screen meshes are displayed in magnified photos along with easy links to wire mesh pricing, wire screen data, hardware cloth cutting instructions, and alternate views of the screens and meshes. Links are provided to for your complete eCommerce convenience. An on-site search engine allows the mesh user to narrow his search quickly and get a realistic visual look at the wide range of decorative, hexagonal (hex mesh), flat wire, intercrimped, plane weave, micronic weave, hot dipped galvanized, and stainless steel meshes.

The wire mesh consumer buyer is faced with a difficult product to visualize without the aid of photographs. Screen wire and mesh wire are best displayed using our wire mesh photographic navigation system. With this system the buyer can move from a coarser to a finer mesh (more or fewer wires woven in an inch), as well as through photos of wire mesh with different wire thicknesses. When you change the thickness of the wire from which the wire is woven, or change the mesh count per inch, you affect the opening size.

The applications for wire meshes are many, ranging from the sophisticated fields of bio-engineering and cryogenic cooling on through the important but less critical mesh uses of pest control, home, farm and garden, and aviary screens, as well as mesh wire that is used for sifting, filtering, and sorting purposes. Wire mesh can be cut into discs and shapes, and slit into custom narrow width coils.

TWP Inc sells ISO certified meshes which also conform to applicable federal and private standards.

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